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Haiti Funders Conference

The Haiti Funders Conference aims to increase the amount and impact of philanthropy directed to supporting sustainable economic and social development in Haiti by supporting actors currently investing in Haiti and encouraging new ones to enter the field.


Much development work is focused on the WHAT - sectors and services.  This conference focuses on the HOW - strategies and approaches that can apply across sectors to maximize the impact of our work.  We will consider questions like:

  • How can we overcome challenges we have experienced?

  • How can we understand the development context better?

  • How can we embed equity, inclusion and participation in our programs?

  • How can we ensure our support builds up local leaders and institutions and leaves communities stronger?

  • How can we support movements and change systems?

  • How can we collaborate more to address needs holistically and truly transform communities and residents’ lives?

Haiti Development Institute

HDI's mission is to build communities by supporting local leaders, strengthening organizations and connecting stakeholders for systemic impact.

We empower local leaders, organizations, and social entrepreneurs with the skills, tools, resources and connections they need to lead community development.  We help philanthropists connect to these organizations and support truly Haitian-led development efforts.  And we support communities to convene public and private stakeholders around community development efforts.

HDI grew out of The Haiti Fund, a grantmaking fund created by The Boston Foundation following the devastating 2010 earthquake.  The Haiti Fund and HDI have made a combined 267 grants totaling $4.37 million, mostly to grassroots organizations in rural areas tackling baseline poverty challenges.  We have provided training, coaching and accompaniment support to over 85 organizations.  We have also convened over 25 events bringing together stakeholders within and outside Haiti to advance systemic change, including the Haiti Funders Conference Series.

The Haiti Development Forum is organized by the Haiti Development Institute.  HDI serves as a convener of leaders in philanthropy and development interested in collaborating on solutions to Haiti’s most pressing challenges. HDI has organized four Haiti Funders Conferences in the past eleven years.
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