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Eksperyans dwe sèvi nou leson: Koòdinasyon pou n fè fas kare ak katastwòf natirèl
Beyond Lessons Learned: Coordination for Disaster Response
June 9-11, 2022, Les Cayes, Haiti


Haiti's challenges require us to maximize the impact of development assistance.

Haiti Development Forum is a platform for convening Haitian and international funders, nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs to strategize on how best to support Haitians to respond to current crises and pursue long-term development.



Haiti lags behind almost every country in the world in income, employment and access to education, healthcare, energy, internet, financial services and clean water and sanitation. Political instability, insecurity, poor governance and extreme vulnerability to disasters are daunting challenges. 

It is a moral imperative to address the poverty allowed to exist in Haiti today.


This is why many donors and development leaders continue to seek the best way to help Haitian communities mobilize, leverage their assets and pursue paths to prosperity. If you are one of them, then this conference is for you!


While in some ways Haiti’s situation is as tough today as it has ever been, there ARE solutions that work and inspiring examples of partners working with communities to develop leadership, institutions and poverty reduction strategies.

The 5th Haiti Funders Conference will bring together funders and development partners to explore HOW to pursue these solutions and be most effective in our work.​​

Join us for a gathering of solidarity, learning and collective effort to maximize the effectiveness of development assistance to Haiti. 

Image by Javardh

In 2019, the 4th Haiti Funders Conference brought together an engaged community of people committed to supporting the social and economic development of Haiti to explore how strategic investments can play a pivotal role in supporting true systematic change.


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