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Conference Program 2019


Wednesday June 5, 2019 — Evening Event

1:00 pm - ongoing  Arrivals & Registration


5:00 pm ⎯ 7:00 pm   The Welcoming Reception

7:00 pm ⎯ 9:00 pm   A Taste of Haiti Dinner with Live Music

Welcome: Pierre Noel, Executive Director, Haiti Development Institute

                Kate Guedj, Sr. Vice President and Chief Philanthropy Officer, The Boston Foundation

                Pierre Imbert, Co-founder and CEO, Ayiti Community Trust

Celebrity Champion:  J immy Jean-Louis, Actor

Entertainment: Emeline Michel and NSL Dance Ensemble

Spend the first evening creating a sense of community in our group of funders and experts. Immerse ourselves in a sense of place with amazing Haitian food, a traditional dance troupe, and a live performance by the renowned Emeline Michel!  Enjoy a chance to meet international star Jimmy Jean-Louis and hear about his philanthropic journey.

Suggested attire: cocktail or business casual

Thursday June 6, 2019 

7:00 am ⎯ Ongoing  Arrivals & Registration

Suggested attire: business casual



7:00 am ⎯ 8:30 am  Networking Breakfast

Lisbon A & B 


9:00 am  ⎯ 10:00 am


Welcome: Kate Guedj, Sr. Vice President and Chief Philanthropy Officer, The Boston Foundation 

                 Herby Duverné, CEO Windwalker Group, Chair of the Board, Haiti Development Institute


Talk 1: Reaffirming Haiti’s Promise

Speaker: U.S. Ambassador to Haiti Michele J. Sison

Talk 2: Philanthropy’s Challenge in Haiti - Systems Change

Moderator: Harry Dumay, President, Elms College, Haiti Development Institute Board member

Speakers: Paloma Adams-Allen, President and CEO, Inter-American Foundation and Michèle Pierre-Louis, President, FOKAL - Open Society Foundations Haiti


10:30 am  ⎯ 12:00 pm  CONCURRENT SESSIONS



Spaces that afford participants the opportunity to engage in conversation about issues, concerns, and topics pertinent to them.

Salon A: Understanding the Nonprofit Sector in Haiti                                                        Estoril

Guiding Question: A central tenet of sustainability is that philanthropy must support local leaders and their efforts. In light of current events, how can this best be done? What is needed to foster vibrant community based organizations and Haitian nonprofits?  Consider possibilities such as supporting communities of practice, improvement of the legal framework, and expanded availability of capacity building.

Leader: Pierre Imbert, Co-founder and CEO, Ayiti Community Trust

Salon B: Learning From Failure                                                                                          Lagos 

Guiding Questions: What have been our own and the sector’s greatest failures? What have we learned?

Leader: Alix Cantave, Program Officer, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Salon C: Creating Collective Impact — Working Together to Achieve Positive Change     Porto

Guiding Questions: What does it take to create a collective impact initiative? What would open the door to more collective impact initiatives in Haiti?  What ingredients are needed?  How can we leverage community planning and design for greater impact? Learn about current efforts such as the Haiti Nursing Partnership and the Sustainable Village and Learning Community (SVLC), consider the salient issues in creating and implementing such initiatives, and envision new possibilities in Haiti.

Co-leaders: Harry Dumay, President, Elms College; Haiti Development Institute Board member; Bennett Rathbun, Co-founder and Executive Director, Hope on a String; Killion Mokwete, Project Manager, Build Health International



Experiential spaces where participants learn by doing.

Studio 1: Reframing Philanthropy in Haiti                                                                            Faro

Participate in articulating principles that we should follow in our work.

Leader: Dana Francois, Program Officer, W.K. Kellogg Foundation



12:00 pm ⎯ 1:30 pm   Networking Lunch


1:30 pm ⎯ 2:00 pm  Break



2:00 pm ⎯ 3:30 pm  CONCURRENT SESSIONS




Salon D: Empowering and Engaging Next Gen Leaders                                                      Porto

Guiding Questions: Who are the next generation of civil society leaders and how can we support and integrate their change efforts? What type of civic engagement can help build a new generation of leaders?

Leader:  Johnny Celestin, Executive Director, Centre Haitien pour le Leadership et L’Excellence

Salon E: Funding Advocacy and Social Movements: Case Studies from the Women’s Movement, Disability Rights Movement and the Right to Resources Movement                                    Estoril 

Guiding Questions: How can philanthropy be most effective in supporting advocacy, social change, and development in Haiti?  How can philanthropists avoid doing harm in their funding?

Co-Leaders: Daniele Magloire, founding member, Kayfanm and feminist coalition CONAP; Michel Pean, PhD, President of SHAA (Haitian Society for the Visually Impaired); Amber Lynn Munger, Senior Program Officer, American Jewish World Service

Salon F: Issue-Based Philanthropy: Health Equity                                                               Lagos

Guiding Question: Health care organizations and key systems have tremendous potential to directly influence underlying societal inequities that contribute to health disparities and poor health.  How can funders best support work to strengthen these key systems and create access to health care for all in Haiti, especially the most vulnerable?

Leader:  Conor Shapiro, President and CEO, St. Boniface Haiti Foundation


Studio 2: Innovating Giving: Blockchain and Philanthropy                                                    Faro

Explore examples of how blockchain is being leveraged in philanthropy and imagine more applications of this transformative new technology and its potential in Haiti.

Leader: Cleve Mesidor, Founder, LOGOS; Haiti Development Institute Board


3:30 ⎯ 4:00 pm Break/Snack

Pre-Conference Area

4:00 ⎯ 5:30 pm



Talk 3: Unpacking Haiti Now – Insights on Recent Events, the Current Context and How Funders Should Respond

Moderator: Regine Polynice, Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean, CBM International, Haiti Development Institute Board

Panelists: Patricia Camilien, Professor, Universite Quisqueya and President, Ayiti Nou Vle A (ANVA); Etzer S. Emile, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Universite Quisqueya


Talk 4: Role of Community Foundations in Influencing Global Giving

Moderator: Maggi Alexander, Partner and Director, Center for Global Philanthropy, The Philanthropic Initiative 

Speakers: Kate Guedj, Sr. Vice President and Chief Philanthropy Officer, The Boston Foundation and Javier Soto, President and CEO, The Miami Foundation


5:30 pm ⎯ 7:00 pm  Networking Reception

Level 25 Bar and Terrace 


Friday June 7, 2019 

7:00 am ⎯ 8:30 am   Networking Breakfast 

Lisbon A & B


8:45 am  ⎯ 10:00 am Plenary Session


Welcome: Karen Ansara, Ansara Family Fund, Haiti Development Institute Board member

Reflection: Rosemary Ortlieb-Padgett, Director, Learning Through Development, State University of New York 

Talk 1: Spurring Innovations for Development in Haiti

How do we move from business as usual, spurring a wave of innovative endeavors to engage Haitians differently?  What role can philanthropy play in moving this work forward?

Moderator: Delle Joseph, Managing Director, TD Bank

Speakers: Michelle Jean, Co-Founder and CEO, Zesa Raw, and JP Michel, Chairman and CEO, Santé Nou Health, Inc.

Talk 2: Aligning Funding with Values and Principles

Speaker: Joe Scantlebury, Vice President for Program Strategy, W.K. Kellogg Foundation


10:30 am  ⎯ 12:00 pm   CONCURRENT SESSIONS


Issue-based Philanthropy Salons

Salon G: Agriculture and Food Security                                                                                        Faro

Guiding Questions: What are existing gaps in agriculture and possible strategies to avoid impending disasters? How are stakeholders engaged on the ground?  How might philanthropy serve to improve production and food security?

Co-leaders: Cantave Jean-Baptiste, Executive Director, FOHMAPS/PDL/Groundswell, and Reginald Cean, Program Director, Haiti Development Institute

Salon H: Promoting Quality and Equity in Education in Haiti                                                        Porto

Guiding Questions: What is the current state of education?  What are key challenges and existing gaps? Who are key stakeholders and what level of engagement is necessary? How can philanthropy do better from a systems thinking perspective?

Leader: Nedgine Paul Deroly, Co-Founder and CEO Anseye Pou Ayiti

Salon I: Promoting Small to Medium Enterprises                                                                         Estoril

Guiding Question: How can funders better support the growth of social enterprises?  Consider effective strategies to enhance local production, improve environmental protection.  Explore how to help build supply chains and connections to local markets.

Leader: Patrick Dessources, Executive Director, CASELI

Salon J: Promoting Energy Access                                                                                               Lagos 

Leader: Allison Archambault, President, Earthspark International


Immersive experience that allows participants to learn about and gain perspective on issues in a dynamic, hands on, and empathic way. Simulation will provoke reflection on grant making practice and effectiveness and allow leaders to imagine what is possible in Haiti when new ideas are put in practice.

Simulation: The Haitian Nonprofit Experience                                                                   Lisbon A & B

What is it like to form and run a nonprofit organization in Haiti?  What are the challenges, and what can philanthropy do to support the development of the sector?  Role play interactions of community leaders with funders, government officials, etc.

Leader: Karen Proctor, Principal, Harbour Workshop, and Elie Lafortune, Associate Executive Director, Haiti Development Institute


12:00 pm  ⎯ 12:45 pm   Lunch


12:45 pm -1:30 pm Plenary Session 



Haiti Now: Reframing the Narrative about Haiti and Our Work

Reflections on our conversations the last two days and perspectives on development in Haiti. Reframing how we think, act and communicate about the role of philanthropy and Haiti.

Moderator: Harry Dumay, President, Elms College; Haiti Development Institute Board

Speakers: Jimmy Jean-Louis, Actor, Dana Francois, Program Officer, W.K. Kellogg Foundation; Ramel Altidort, Executive Director, GASA

1:30 pm -2:00 pm  Forward Together 

We review the convening's big ideas, key insights, and clear calls-to-action to advance our important work.

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