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Event Co-Hosts

The 4th Haiti Funders Conference: Haiti Now is co-hosted by the W.K.Kellogg Foundation, the Inter-American Foundation, FOKAL, and the Boston Foundation.

The conference is organized by the Haiti Development Institute in collaboration with the Ayiti Community Trust.



About Haiti Development Institute


Haiti Development Institute drives sustainable, systemic change in Haiti by empowering Haitian-led organizations.

HDI's roles:

  • Build the capacity of Haitian leaders and their organizations through intensive coaching, training, and accompaniment so they can become more effective, build credibility, and scale their programs.

  • Connect donors to these organizations, so donors can support local initiatives and contribute to the creation of local capacity.

  • Serve as a civic hub, supporting networks of community organizations and hosting important conversations so Haitians can develop strategies to promote equitable development in their country.

  • Generate research and data to inform philanthropic efforts.

HDI also serves as a convener of the community of funders concerned with supporting Haiti’s development.  It has organized three previous Haiti Funders Conferences since 2012.

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